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The product flow "diesel | market for diesel" with location "Europe without Switzerland" (this is the one I'm interested in), coming from Ecoinvent 3.4, is not produced by any process.

I thought this product flow would be the quantitative reference of "market for diesel | diesel | Cutoff, S" whith location "Europe without Switzerland". But it's the product flow "diesel" (with no location) that is the quantitative reference.

I don't understand, it looks to me that I have to select "diesel" and specify the provider I'm interested in.

Can anyone help me ? I guess it's a basic question but I really don't understand at the moment.
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The product flow is only "diesel", which makes sense I think; the diesel is the same, whether it comes from a market process or from somewhere else. I don't fully understand though probably what you need - if you want to use a diesel from a certain provider process then indeed you need to select this process (with its location) as provider.

Hth, Andreas
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Thank you for the answer, indeed I want to use the diesel provied by a certain provider. But then I'm wondering what is the aim of the flow "diesel | market for diesel", because it appears as not procuded by anything.
I did not say it but my use case is I am providing an Ecospold1, and I am wondering whether the name of my exchange should be just "diesel" or "diesel | market for diesel", as I am targeting the process market for diesel | diesel | Cutoff, S.
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In our ecoinvent 3.6 cut-off version this flow is not existing any more because, as you say, it does not make much sense. "my use case is ecospold" - I think I do not understand.
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Ok, that makes sense.

Sorry, I am creating a product system programatically (in Java), from openLCA Ecospold1 IExchange objects. I wanted to understand which name I should give to my IExchange so that it maps with the right flow in openLCA. So here for example, I understood that my exchange should have the "diesel"name, and no location. Then, once the mapping is done, I should specify the provider. Tell me if I got something wrong.