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I'm working on the LCA of PEM water electrolysis. I wanted to start with the modelization of the stack. I'm using the ecoinvent database and i can't find a such process. I then decided to model the manufacture of each component of a cell stack, but I can't find the process involved. I want to be rigorous for this work, so I want to be sure that using an alternative process won't affect the results. So do you have any recommendation ? And  is there another database more suitable for my subject ?
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Hello Yenael,

Often processes can either be difficult to locate in EcoInvent, or not be there. This is an unfortunate part of being an LCA practitioner. There are however many sources of data to draw from, where EcoInvent and other LCI databases are just one. Consider finding:

- Secondary research literature

- Published LCI papers

- Industry papers or EPDs

- Modelling each step with a reliable proxy process.

Unfortunately i cant help you much more, when i do not know the processes involved.

Good luck
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I can't tell you about your specific process and whether those maybe covered in other databases. But I am with you in that while OpenLCA-EcoInvent is a great tool, coverage is limited. In such cases after creating the process the best way we can, two things become very important to me:

  1. Be fully transparent while reporting the results. Highlight limitations in this specific process. 
  2. Do a sensitivity analysis. So that you can show how results can change if actual process was different from modeled.