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I'm trying to model a greenhouse tomato production. I've found a process that looked pretty much like what I wanted to model: tomato production, fresh grade, in heated greenhouse. When I look at the results in the contribution tree, I find that the ecosystem quality total percentage aren't adding up to 100% but to more than 130%. I've been told that it may be because this process consume heavy metals so there would be negative fluxes that would explain this difference. But I wondered why I couldn't see these negative fluxes in the contribution tree?

In short, I want to know how to plot the relative importance of each process in the total score of a category if I don't have the real 100%.

I'm using version 1.7.0.

Thank you for your help.

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Adding information to the question on what method you are using will make it more likely that users are able to help.

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Yes this is indeed caused by negative flows; which version of openLCA are you using? We fixed this recently, you should see a negative contribution in the end with the rest of the first main contributions being > 100%, similar to here:

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No I do not get negative fluxes as in your screenshot. However, I use the Impact 2002+ endpoint method. Maybe this could explain why I still have the problem? I did a tetst and ran the same product with the ReCiPe HA endpoint and got similar results as you.