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I have the need to import a database updated to openlca 1.7 scheme back to openlca 1.4, but it tells me that the database is for a newer version of openlca. How can i proceed?

Thank you for your help.
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Personally, I haven't tried this before but can you export e.g. product systems in openLCA 1.8 as JSON-LD and import them into an empty DB in openLCA 1.4?

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You can export specific database items from openLCA 1.8 as ILCD or EcoSpold and try importing them in openLCA 1.4. Usually, we recommend using JSON-LD when exporting/importing database elements with openLCA. However, JSON-LD was not implemented in openLCA 1.4 yet.

In general, databases are not compatible between openLCA 1.4 and openLCA 1.8. You can reverse the changes via a script. The logic is explained here https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-updates. You can also hire GreenDelta GmbH to do this for you.