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in openLCA 1.6.1, the processes' social aspects could be found in the "social aspects" tab, including raw data and source. I am now using openLCA 1.9 (and have also tried 1.8) and there are no social aspects in the "social aspects" tab (empty table). Instead, I found them in the "impact analysis" tab (which did not exist in 1.6.1). The problem is that the table there is much smaller and does not comprise the columns "raw value" and "source", which I need. I know from the "background data" file that sources are available to the software. How can I find the sources attributed to the specific social aspects and their raw values? I am using the professional version.

Thank you in advance.

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Edit: It works if you import the zolca file via "Restore Database" instead of "Import". Thank you, Andreas Ciroth, for thorough support!
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Thank you - however it should also work when the entire database is imported into another database. We added this as a bug and will fix it, see here: https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-app/issues/88
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No, the social aspects are still in social aspects? In addition we have the LCIA checks asf. in 1.9.

See below screenshot. You need of course a database version that contains the raw data and data quality (so, not a starter version).