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I am trying to calculate the LCA of a natural wall, built with hearth and bamboo, and compare it with a wall of concrete; i am now inserting the different elements inside a section of the natural wall (bamboo, earth, metal net, plaster ecc..), however I wonder why i can't specify the area or kg of the material instead of just the number of items....

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Arianna, if I understand the question correctly, you are trying to change the units of the inputs/outputs that are not the quantitative reference (so the ones, you did not create yourself)

In openLCA the flows you use in inputs/outputs have a list of flow properties. Usually only one flow property is specified in the reference data. Each flow property has a reference to a unit group, which respectively has a list of units, that can be converted within this group (e.g. 1 kg = 1000 g).

You can only select those units referenced via the "Flow -> Flow property - Unit group" chain. 

If you want to select a different unit, you would need to add the correct flow property (e.g. Mass) to the flow's flow properties list and specify a conversion factor to the other flow property. 

An example: You have the flow 'Methanol' an its set flow property is Volume. You want to specify Methanol in kg. The density of Methanol is 0.79 g/cm³. So to convert 1 l of Methanol to kg, you will need to use a conversion factor 0.79 for conversion. Now you could use all Mass and Volume units to specify your inputs/outputs.

I hope this helps. Below you can see how this would be done in openLCA (Just as an example, this is not part of the reference data)

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In your case the only flow property is "Number of Items", you would need to add the Mass flow property with a correct conversion factor from piece to kg
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Hi Arianna, your issue sounds like you want to change the 'Reference flow property' of your process from 'number of items' into e.g. 'area' or 'mass'.

If you create a new process you can simply choose an appropriate 'Reference flow property' (select 'create a new flow for the process').

For existing processes open the Input/Outputs tab at the botom of a process and change the unit. The units may be limited by the reference unit in the flow properties.

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is there a way to change the reference flow property after creating the process, and inputting all the data? I accidentally put number of items when I want the unit to be mass.