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I have a question about outputs.  I am building a sneaker in open LCA.  I have listed under INPUTS - all the info to equal 1 pair of shoes (2 shoes).  Under Outputs - I am listing the number of items.  My question is - since I have listed the number of inputs to equal 1 pair (2 shoes) - does that mean I list 2 items for 2 shoes or should I list just 1 item for 1 pair.  I am concerned that if I list 2 it will double the inputs.  I have attached an image  for your reference.  Please help clarify.

Many thanks in advance for your help!!


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Hi Sandra,

the outputs need to match the inputs of the process, this is the only condition you need to observe, and you are then free to enter amounts for 1 or for 2 items. openLCA scales the processes automatically in the calculation so that every process delivers only what is needed to produce the functional unit that you specify for the product system, which means you do not need to worry about how much each process is needed for the overall model. E.g., you will also have a process producing 1 kg of woven cotton and link it here althoug here you only need 120 g.

I assume 'upper, lining & thread' is not yet the complete shoe, thus you could also just enter the amounts needed for 1 shoe / 1 item. In the end, you might have a process where the complete sneakers are produced, and there you could then say 1 pair of shoes is the output and the inputs are, accordingly, for 2 shoes.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Sandra,
I'm also working on building a sneaker in OpenLCA.
Would you be interested in sharing hints and ideas about our two simulations ? Maybe this could help both of us building a stronger model.
Please do not hesitate to reach out if you're open to a short technical discussion.