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Dear Colleagues,


I am creating Flow, Processes and Systems in openLCA, but I have noted that all impacts are estimated just about the input flows present in a process. The outputs are disregarded.

Do you know what I am doing wrong or that is a limitation of the software.


Best wishes.



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Hi Kássio,

well of course emissions (output flows) are also considered, but you are probably refering to the supply chain included in the calculation; this is indeed always calculated "downstream", following the processes supplying products, or treating waste produced by the process. It is not, I would say, a limitation of the software but meant to be so, since otherwise you would always either model all processes that need the product of your main process, or decide which one to follow. If you want to make a full life cycle, you can model this explicitely (one life cycle process that gets input from production, use and disposal, e.g.).

Hth, Andreas