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I have a process and I want to edit all the input amounts of flows and processes with a single parameter. 

I want to do this, so that I keep the functional unit of 1kg "waste glass" throughout my product system and so that I am able to measure the impact of using 1kg of waste glass in different processes. To my knowledge there is no option to alter all the inputs at once or a "multiplier" of some sort, other than a parameter.

In the picture you can see my process and the parameter I used is called "scherben", so that my input value of "glass cullet, sorted" equals my required functional unit.

Is there a more elegant way to do that? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, this is possible via SQL, but you can also simply copy and paste: copy the lines, paste into excel, add the parameter to the process or as global parameter, add the parameter in excel, copy and paste the lines back, and delete the old lines.

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Thanks a lot, I wasnt aware of the fact, that you could use Excel for that, but it works perfectly!