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In the Processes Input/Output there were two functional units available (both having the same wording).  I chose one (of the two) and the available units were not the ones I needed (should have chosen the other one but didn't find out the units were different until I went to the drop-down).  So how do I go back and change the I/O?
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I think I do not understand your question. What do you mean by "functional unit"? See e.g. (a bit old but still correct): http://www.ecosmes.net/cm/navContents?l=EN&navID=LCAbasicCarry&subNavID=2&pagID=4&flag=1
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Maybe the question is related to this: when the product inputs or outputs of a process are linked in a product system, you cannot delete them. You first need to remove the connections in the product systems where these products are used. You can find these product systems by searching for the usage of the process that contains these products via the context menu of the navigation tree: