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Hi Andrews,
I am using open LCA 1.4.2.  I built a supply chain model of textile product. I am facing problem with Monte Carlo simulation as the result from simulation is very unexpected. Calculated LCIA result from analysis is acceptable but Monte Carlo simulation gives unexpected result. To identify the problem I performed Monte Carlo simulation of some individual Ecoinvent process (Ecoinvent dataset) and AusLCI process (AusLCI dataset). The mean values from Monte Carlo of AusLCI processes are almost same with normal result (from analysis) but the mean values from Monte Carlo of Ecoinvent processes are too different from normal result (from analysis). I got an error message from some Ecoinvent processes "An error has occurred. See error log for more details. java.lang.NullPointException". Please see the attached snapshot. Is this problem occurred from Ecoinvent dataset of water emission to air that shows blank in the outflow? Do I need to upgrade my OpenLCA version? Please see the attached snapshots. Please give your advice to solve this issue.
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Which version of Ecoinvent are you using? I am having a similar issue which occurs with Ecoinvent 3.1 but not 3.3...

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