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We have just received the EuGeos database and I have made a quick comparison between EN15804 parameters and EuGeos. It appears that some have to be obtained indirectly but that`s not a real issue. The main issue is that there is no distinction between "Use of renewable secondary fuels (RSF; MJ net calorific value)" and "Use of non renewable secondary fuels (NRSF; MJ net calorific value)". I only find one parameter ("Use of secondary fuels (MJSF)"), that covers both renewalbe and non renewalbe, through the impact method "Material + Waste Indicators (EN15804)".

How can this issue be ressolved? Can this parameter be split in two?

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Thomas Schaubroeck
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Hi Thomas,
I will follow up with the data provider - as you probably are aware of, the database is not provided by us but by EuGeos.
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Thank you Chris and Thomas for the interaction! As an update, the new database is meanwhile on Nexus.