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I am studying in china and this is my first LCA project. I have to carry out LCIA of wind turbine gearbox. All the data is based in China. from raw material extraction to recycling, reuse phase. Which database should I use for this LCIA?
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Dear Ravin,

I advise you to use (in order of preference): 

  1. EcoInvent
  2. Environmental Footprints (for LCIA method)
  3. NEEDS
  4. ELCD
Have a nice LCA,
Florent Blondin
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Thank you Andreas for your comment and your visit on my website. I updated my website thanks to your advice.
My answer was too quick. I did not notice it was for a chinese context. Then, Ravin, I do not know which is the best for you. You can perhaps use these european databases and adapt the energy mix of china...
Best regards,