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I have been doing LCAs for two decades, but am only recently returning to the world of LCA software tools. (I used TEAM/DEAM in 1995 to conduct US soybean to biodiesel LCA)—so forgive the naiveté of this question. But I would love to understand what the CUTOFF flow category is exactly. What are the implications of using flows starting with the CUTOFF name in an LCA?

John Sheehan
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Hi John,
welcome back - I am not fully sure what you are referring to, maybe the ecoinvent cut-off classification? This refers to the ecoinvent cutoff system model, explained e.g. here: http://www.ecoinvent.org/database/system-models-in-ecoinvent-3/cut-off-system-model/allocation-cut-off-by-classification.html
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