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Is there a way to download datasets Ecoprofiles provided by Plastic Europe in Ecoinvent data base? .. I have tried with ILCD format  but it only adds elementary elements  and not the process self...Ecospold format don`t seem to work (error message in the log file "no more zip entries")
Thanks a lot in advance for the insight!

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Laura, what do you mean -
"Ecoprofiles provided by Plastic Europe in Ecoinvent data base but not as part of the ecoinvent database?"
Hi, Just to point out that this isn`t explicitly due to the IA methods in the EuGeos database. I`ve found that when I import Plastics Europe datasets in ILCD format into unaltered ecoinvent v3.2 the process isn`t added to the list of possible providers. I`ve assumed that`s because it is added in a new folder that`s not part of the original ecoinvent database structure. But you don`t have to re-input whole process manually, you just have to re-input the product flow. You create an equivalent product flow in the normal "ecoinvent" structure and make this an output from the imported process; you then make it the reference flow and delete the duplicate output. Once it`s saved you should be able to select the new reference flow as an input, and it will be possible to select the imported process as the provider.
But of course importing this kind of dataset introduces items that are native to ILCD/GaBi and not present in ecoinvent. So you need to be careful that the LCIA methods are still valid.
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