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Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding datasets. I want to write my master thesis about the power sector and environmental effects of battery electric vehicles taking into account charging strategies (e. g. V2G). I wanted to work with the IDEMAT database as I don't have to pay for it. But I don't have access to ecoinvent. That is why I don't know, if I can still use IDEMAT.

I am also thinking about using EF database, but it does not have all  information I need, or to use GREET. However, I am not sure how to implement GREET into openLCA or whether it is possible.  

Has anyone any recommendation for me? I would be very, very thankful!


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Hi Nina,

you can of course use the IDEMAT database without ecoinvent then? Greet in openLCA is really not straightforward, we looked into this some time ago and are in exchange.

All the best, Andreas
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Hello Andreas,

Before I saw your answer, I asked this question in the remote seminar, that I payed for. There I was told that I need ecoinvent. That is why I am a little bit confused right now. Hopefully, I don't need to have access, as I wanted to take the IDEMAT database for my master thesis.

I would be so happy if you could help me clarify these contradictory answers, so that I can carry on and hopefully write a good master thesis.

Thank you and all the best!