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I have modelled an entire life cycle consisting out of  raw material => production => 1st use phase => modification for reuse => use of modified product => combustion of retired product.  I then created the product system from the last process as stated in the manual. My last process is combustion of retired product (=reference process for product system). This worked well and the model graph looks fine with everything linked as wanted.

Now I like to do the impact assessment based on 1 item of the first use product. Unfortunately the first use product is not shown in the 'general information tab' of the product system. How can I run a calculation based on the first used product which is the output of the production process in the middle of the product system?
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If I understand correctly, you want to assess the product you modeled, and you modeled the entire life cycle until end of life, right? If you want to assess the product over its entire life cycle, make a "life cycle" (or so process), which takes e.g. the product before use and has input of the use phase and of the end of life as waste - you need to cut then the connections between these life cycle stages that you have created now. I hope this helps!