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Dear Team,

Is the EF method only in midpoint ? Not also in endpoint ?

And why is it called "adapted" for EcoInvent ? And what is the "other" category of EF midpoint for GaBi data ? So many questions...

Best regards,

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Hi Sylvain, not sure if you want to have an answer or rather only express your comment - if you want to have an answer, pleaseo be more specific and provide some background.

The EF LCIA method is called 'adapted' when offered outside of EF data (in our normal method pack, e.g.) because the flows are mapped to non-EF elementary flows.
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Dear Andrea,

Sorry for seeming too vague. I did not know if there is an endpoint impact method for EF, and I wanted to know if you know something about it. This is for my thesis, to know what other impact method other than ReCiPe2016 offers an endpoint method.
Okay for "adapted". If I get it right, EcoInvent 3.5 have transferred you the wrong equivalences for their elementary flows?
And for my last question, I have to compare 2 similar processes from the GaBi database. They have been converted by a LCA post-doc to be compatible with OpenLCA. The results showed me a diagram with F's impacts categories and an "other" category, so I wanted to know what does that mean.

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