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I am using EN-15804 add on for ecoinvent as a database to find providers.

I am doing an EPD for paints and I am trying to find a provider for pigments.

Since pigments can be various chemical compositions like iron oxide red, synthetic blue etc., i am trying to find a provider that can somehow depict the production of all pigments.

I havent found anything so far, so can anyone help me?

I tried to find providers for specific pigments as well, but that search was not fruitful as well.

Thank you for your time.
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Hello Giannis,

To cover all pigments, it will necessarily become less precise. If you are okay with this, there are general processes in EcoInvent such as:

Chemical production - organic

Chemical production - inorganic

As you mention yourself, the pigment can be extremely varied. But if you are okay with using a low-accuracy process, i would recommend one of the above.
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Thanks a lot Matias!!!