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I am trying to run a comparison between two trips using vessel transport - one trip with vs one trip without carbon capture installed onboard. I know that the capture system reduces the ship's emissions by 70%. Any good advice/suggestions on how I add this emission reduction for the trip with carbon capture installed onboard? My plan was to simply reduce all emissions-related outputs from the transport process with 70%, but is seems inaccurate, since I cannot really tell what is linked to the direct emissions from the vessel, and what is from the construction etc. So - perhaps there is a better way?

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Hello Miae,

I suggest that you copy the ship unit process, and reduce all the direct contributions from the process with 70%. In the unit process it should be very clear which flows are elementary flows (direct emissions) and which are product or waste flows (indirect emissions).

If you do it this way, you will not accidentally slash emissions of production of fuel, etc.

Good luck