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I have noticed a characterization factor too large for the Arsenic>emission to air, in detail it is 348000, larger then the emission in water, which is 951! I suppose there is a mistake. This happen for all the CML in the methods v2

Thank you

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Thanks for your hint. The CML CFs are available for download via https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/research/research-output/science/cml-ia-characterisation-factors#downloads

-> cmlia.zip (18.7 Mb)

The Excel file is quite comprehensive and I will take some time these days to check whether the values in our LCIA methods differ from those provided by CML.

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Thank you, now i have realised that the version present in the packet is quite old, now the CML is using the USETOX Cfs.
So the question is now pointless, I believe.