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Hi there!

in older OpenLCA versions (older method packs, older ReCiPe version) you could calculate the total points of ecosystem, human health, resources and the "total" single score.

With OpenLCA 1.7.4, the method pack 2.0.3 and ReCiPe 2016 I don't understand how to do this now. Could someone please help me with this?

You can now choose a normalization/weighting set when you calculate ReCiPe endpoint results, but why do you have to choose between ecosystem, health and resources here? And how to I get the single total scores?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Are there no ideas on how to calculate the weighted and normalized Recipe 2016 results?

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Does this help?

Navigate to the respective ReCiPe method in the navigation window (Indicators and parameters -> Impact assessment methods) and open the tab "Normalization and weighting" and check if values are provided.

If yes, when calculating the results of a product system you can select a "normalisation and weighting" method at the same time when picking an LCIA method. This will give you a new tab "Normalization and weighting" in the LCIA results. The lower box shows "single score" results.

I hope this helps.


Update: If normalization and weighting is not included in a method, you can add the set manually if you would like to. Just open the tab "normalization and weighting" and click onto the white plus in front of green background. A new normalization and weighting set will be added so that you can assign the factors manually to each impact category.

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It's possible to export single score results in excel?