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Dear all,

I'm working with Open LCA v1.10.3, EcoInvent 3.7.1 and LCIA 2.1.1.

In ordre to obtain in a single run the calculation of Total DALY and Species.yr, i try to modify an exported xml format of RECIPE 2016 Endpoint (a copy of the original one). In this file, i create new subcategories by adding all the <exchange... lines of the 8 DALY subcategories for the first one, and all the 12 Species.yr categories for the other. Then I'm importing the new .xml file. The import process works well, but i foud discrepancies beetween the result of each of this new subcategory and the sum of all DALY results or Species.yr results.

I try to make some test by adding one by one subcategories <exchange... lines and i found thta it works well till adding a

new subcategory, without any logic (i've changed the order i'm adding <exchange lines...

It's quite suprsing for me because i was using this method with older versions of Open LCA /LCIA methods and it used to gave good results (no dicrepancies) ?

Is there new rules to follow while modifying such kind of .xml file ?

Thanks for your responses,

Best regards

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