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I am using the Ecoinvent 3.7.1 cutoff model and openLCA 1.10.3. I am trying to convert the ReCiPe endpoint indicators (unit: DALY/species.yr/USD2013) to scores (unit:pts) using normalization factors and weighting factors provided in openLCA, as shown in the following figure. No units are provided. 
Then based on the answer in the Ecoinvent forum (https://forum.ecoinvent.org/forum/topic.html?&tid=399), I thought the formula was: 
endpoint indicator result * weighting factor / normalization factor = score
However, the values I got differ by many orders of magnitude. And I found that someone reported an error related to the normalization factors of ReCiPe 2016 on the openLCA forum (https://ask.openlca.org/2625/recipe-2016-endpoint-the-method-is-probably-errors-affected?show=2625#q2625). If it is the case, the formula should be:
endpoint indicator result * weighting factor * normalization factor = score

In the above link, the responder said in Feb. 2020 that in the next version, this issue would be fixed. Since I am using the new version of openLCA released Jun. 2020 (version 1.10.3) and I encountered this confusion, I am not sure whether this issue has been fixed. I would appreciate it a lot if anyone has any thoughts on this.

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