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When I validate my database, I am getting errors for global parameters that read: "Missing parameter 'parameter_name' in formula.

When I view the parameter in question, nothing about the formula is incorrect, and the value calculates correctly. Even the output of tbl_parameters appears to have all relevant data filled in.

I should add that this occurs only after I have tried to import global parameters from excel template or added new parameters via SQL. I am doing it this way as I have too many global parameters to create each one individually.

The values seem to calculate correctly- as far as I can tell there is no impact on any of my results or product systems, but I can't get the error to go away.
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Hi Ben, if you send me your database I can take a look. Best, Jonas

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Hello to everyone who came here looking for an answer but did not find one.

I found in my system, that the parameter names that included spaces after the name of the parameter, were the ones with errors. If you delete these "invisible" spaces, the error should disappear.

Best - Matias