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Hi Jonas,

I've had an error while exporting a 50 000 iterations Monte Carlo, and I'm guessing it has to do with the maximum number of columns in Excel (16 384 = column A stays blank + columns B-K containing the results for each parameter + 16 373 individual results).

Would there be any workaround?

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

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Hi Charles, the Excel export is build up in the memory. Probably, it is just full at some point. A workaround would be to use openLCA IPC. You can use openLCA IPC to run a Monte Carlo Simulation via the developer tools and export the results as CSV. A description on how to run a Monte Carlo Analysis is given here https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-ipc.py
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Alright, I'll try that
Thanks, Jonas!