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Hi everyone,

I've the following problem: I know the production of CO2 eq of a flow that is not defined in OpenLca.

How can I insert directly as CO2 eq, and show it in results? I mean without a process associated.

The question is also valid for all the flows that are present in databases but without a process (I haven't understand why).

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Impacts are calculated by multiplying the elementary flows defined in any process by a factor specified in the impact category/method.

It sounds like you are emitting a flow (which then should be part of the outputs of the process) that is not listed in the respective impact category/method. In that case you could add the (missing) flow to the impact category in the affected impact method and assign a factor to it.

To the second part of the question, we have a base of elementary flows that we have harmonized across different databases. These are always present, and are used in some of the impact methods that we provide as well.
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Thanks a lot for exact answer
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Hi Marco, per definition flows do not produce CO2. A flow may be CO2 (elementary flow) or the creation of a product (product flow) through a process may emit CO2. The flows (emissions) are then captured by a Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) method.

Process use and emit flows such as CO2. I guess you want to create a process and add specific flows to the inputs/outputs table of the respective process. Afterwards you can create the product system from the process and calculate the results.

I recommend the PET bottle tutorial from the openLCA website to get started with openLCA.

Hopefully, this helps.
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Thanks for the answer