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Hello there,

when I calculate the impacts of my created product system, the GWP and Ozone layer depletion - and also some other impact categories depending on which impact assessment method I use - always have the value "0", no matter which LCIA method I use.

I use openLCA version 1.10.3, the databases I imported are Environmental Footprints and ELCD, and I use the openLCA LCIA methods package.

Of course there are also other processes involved, but at least for transport processes with fossil fuels I think there should be some global warming potential included?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Hi Julia,

for Environmental Footprint, you need to use the Environmental Footprint LCIA package. The database is in its own world, so to say, and should (EF language of course: "shall") not be used outside of it.

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