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Hi im using IPCC 2013 and all the impact categories are the same? anyone know which is which?

Thanks in advance

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You can download the openLCA LCIA method package 2.0.3 and compare the impact factors with the characterisation factors given in the IPCC LCIA method 2013.

I checked the characterisation factors for Chloroform.

GWP 20a CF Chloroform 60
GWP 100a CF Chlorform 16
GWP 500a CF Chloroform 4.68

In the ecoinvent method you can find the characterisation factors 2.X, 16.X, 18.X and  60.X. They probably relate to the factors above with one additional intermediate step (GWP 200a? ... not sure what steps the IPCC report considers). Just rename the impact categories in the ecoinvent method accordingly.

Of course we will also investigate this problem and hopefully provide an updated method soon.