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I have encountered something strange that I hope to get help with. I updated my software (I use a Mac) to the 1.9 version and ran the same product system as using the old version using the same method (CML (baseline) [v4.4 January 2015]) for GWP 100 and the results are very different. I had a back up since November 2018 and running the product system using the CML method provided by open LCA results in a 4 times higher GWP100 compared to running it with the updated version (I ran both today as a comparison). I have an input of softwood, and it seems as the difference in climate impact is origin from a large negative climate impact for the growing of the trees. However, it differs from about -2 kg CO2 eq. running my old version to -12 kg CO2 eq. running it today. I have tried to compare the impact assessment methods and the characterisation factors and I cannot find any difference, however there is something called carbon scenario that I cannot understand.

Do you know why there is such a large difference using the same method for the same system? using Ecoinvents CML method or IPCC2007 between the two versions don't seem to lead to any changes?
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You use exactly the same database with openLCA 1.8 and openLCA 1.9 on macOS and get different results, right? Do you calculate the results in a project? If yes, maybe this issue is related: https://ask.openlca.org/2213/issue-openlca1-9-compared-product-systems.
Could you also test the 1.10.1 version from http://www.openlca.org/download/ > Latest build. Thanks!

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