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Performing some Midpoint impact calculations of a product system (built within the Ecoinvent 3.4 database and providers) I have found for the impact category "Terrestrial Ecotoxicity" (quantified as kg 1,4-DCB) the following results:

- with the "ecoinvent v.3.4 LCIA methods"  ReCiPe 2008 - Midpoint H (TETPinf):  0.17631

- with the package "LCIA_2_0_3" (and 2_0_4)  ReCiPe 2008 - Midpoint H:  0.1703

which are quite equal.


- with the package "LCIA_2_0_3" (and 2_0_4)   ReCiPe 2016 - Midpoint H:   2803.443

As a proof check, repeating the calculations with this package adopting the other two perspectives I obtain:

- ReCiPe 2016 - Midpoint I:   1235.378

- ReCiPe 2016 - Midpoint E:   3013.491

Of course I know it is normal to find the above differences among the three perspectives (H - I - E), but I can't understand the huge differences (a factor of 10^4) between ReCiPe 2008 and ReCiPe 2016 for this impact category.

Is this normal ?   Thanks
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