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I would like to know the reason behind the large difference I noticed between the result obtained from OpenLCA EF2 database and what results from Look@LCI with EF2. The only difference is for the LandUse category.

The process used is modelled following the indications from your manual.

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I already reported that it is not the land use method is not working properly here:


Sadly to no avail
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Ah, yes, sorry, you are right!
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Dear Nicola,

Please let us know which process exactly you are using to obtain these results, so we can try to reproduce the results and have a look
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The process  is: "Electricity grid mix 1kV-60kV, consumption mix, to consumer, AC, technology mix, 1kV - 60kV "
I have found that the method implemented in OpenLCA has multiple non-regionalized flows for land use (I have mostly found 3 duplicated flows with different CFs), and only 1  has the same CF found in the JRC node. Maybe could be related to that.