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I am new to OpenLCA. I tried defining a new process using the EF database available for free in the OpenLCA Nexus, however I wish to calculate the impact using the CML-IA baseline method from the OpenLCA LCIA methods database. I tried importing the whole OpenLCA LCIA methods into the EF database, however, when I tried the impact analysis, the results are all zero and I found that the processes in the EF database uses different elementary flows than the ones defined for CML-IA (i.e. EF uses carbon dioxide (fossil) while CML-IA uses carbon dioxide, fossil). What can I do about this?

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Hi - you need to use the PEF LCIA methods with the PEF database; with the openLCA methods, you indeed get 0 results typically.
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Hi, can you please tell me if its ok to modify the elementary flows address in order to match those of the OpenLCA LCIA methods?  For instance from  carbon dioxide (fossil)  to carbon dioxide, fossil? is this consider ok to do? since its the same flow?