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I am new to OpenLCA. I tried defining a new process using the EF database available for free in the OpenLCA Nexus, however I wish to calculate the impact using the CML-IA baseline method from the OpenLCA LCIA methods database. I tried importing the whole OpenLCA LCIA methods into the EF database, however, when I tried the impact analysis, the results are all zero and I found that the processes in the EF database uses different elementary flows than the ones defined for CML-IA (i.e. EF uses carbon dioxide (fossil) while CML-IA uses carbon dioxide, fossil). What can I do about this?

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Hi - you need to use the PEF LCIA methods with the PEF database; with the openLCA methods, you indeed get 0 results typically.
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Thank you for your answer! If I may ask, is there any way I can use openLCA methods, or strictly PEF methods?