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Hi all, I am trying to import the latest openLCA methods pack (v.2.1.3), which is not a zolca file but a JSON-LD file (.zip). I downloaded the .zip from nexus and followed these steps: (File>Import>Other>Linked Data (JSON-LD)>From directory>Browse). However, the .zip file is not discoverable even though it is present in the Download folder of my computer. Instead, 7 folders appear when I browse in OpenLCA (categories, flows, flow_properties, lcia_categories, lcia_methods, nw_sets, unit_groups) but nothing happens when I double-click on them and I can only click on the “< Back” and “Cancel” buttons of the "Select import files" window. What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to download it as a zolca file? Thanks for your help.

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This dialogue is not really perfect, you first need to select the folder (and do not see the zip files in the folder), and then in the next step you see the zip file. Please give it a try.
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Hi Andreas, thanks for your response.

I was able to import the JSON-LD file into openLCA by 1) downloading the zip file from nexus, (2) creating a new folder in my downloads, (3) moving the zip file into the new folder, (4) File>Import>Other>Linked Data (JSON-LD)>From directory>Browse, (5) selecting the new folder containing the zip folder under downloads, (5) clicking the zip folder and clicking finish.

However, only the "IPCC 2021 AR6" impact assessment method can be found under "openLCA LCIA methods 2_1_3" instead of the 43 methods it should contain. Is this because I have methods pack "LCIA_2_0_3" imported already? Or is it because I have ecoinvent 3.5 downloaded and "openLCA LCIA methods 2_1_3" is compatible with ecoinvent 3.8? Thanks for your help.