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I downloaded OpenLCA v1.11 with the installer in Windows. I also managed to import the ELCD case study on PET bottles and the OpenLCA LCIA methods v2.0.5., both in zolca format.

However, there are two distinct issues:

* The ELCD database (v3.2 and v3.1) cannot be updated. When I double click on it in the left-hand side panel in OpenLCA, a window appears asking to run an update. When clicking Yes, it then says: "an internal error occured. Failed to update database." In the log file under Help, an error occurs when loading all Category.

* The lastest version of OpenLCA LCIA methods in JSON-LD format cannot be imported. I downloaded the zip file of the v2.1.3 on OpenNexus. The file appears in the Download file but not when I go search for it in OpenLCA.

Do you have any information to solve these issues?


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Hi there,

I have exactly the same issue installing LCIA Pack 2.1.3: It cannot be selected within the import dialogue...

Many thanks for your help.


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Hi, the ELCD database indeed could not be imported into openLCA 1.11 from Nexus since we had a mix up of different formats of the database in Nexus (caused by our step to simplify the formats, not stating the openLCA version but just mentioning "zolca" as format). This also led to dropdown menues showing several times zolca in the download page. This has now been corrected; you should be able to import ELCD now (of course, download again please).

For your second point,

The file appears in the Download file

you mean, maybe, in the download folder? Just select the folder in the dialogue, then you will be led, in the next screen, to the selection of files in that folder.

Best wishes,


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I am having the exact same issue