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I'm going through the bottle tutorial and am now at the point where I need to import the Impact Assessment methods. however, when I download them form the Nexus Website, I don't get a .zolca file, but rather a .zip file with primarily .json files. 

I can't find any instructions for how to import that, even in the forum posts about zip files, all I can find is how to deal with .zolca files.

In the import dialogue, I can't see either the .zip file or the unziped files. 

Windows 7, openLCA 1.10.2, lcia v_2_0_4

I'd appreciate  any help on how to deal with these file types. 

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Edit: Screenshot:

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to import a JSON-LD file (not unzipped), right click on the name of the active database where you want to import the methods, then select IMPORT-> select Linked Data (JSON-LD)-> next ->select the directory in your computer where you have dowloaded the methods -> select the zip file containing the method-> click on Finish.

It should work quite smoothly, I hope this helps!
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Oh, thanks!

If someone has the same issue:
What I did wrong was; I didn't 'only' select the folder, but misunderstood 'select' as 'open'. So I had to go back one hierarchy level.
Thanks again!