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I have tried downloading databases from NREL US LCI, this one specifically (https://www.lcacommons.gov/lca-collaboration/National_Renewable_Energy_Laboratory/USLCI/dataset/PROCESS/89a2b59a-1ca2-34f5-acc8-a8eaaa6fa870) and importing them into openLCA 1.8 with no luck. I'm using a Mac with Mojave version 10.14.4. Here's the steps: 

download database as JSON-LD --> unzip (open with archive utility) 

in openLCA, right click--> new database--> local and complete reference data 

double click said database to activate--> right click--> import--> other--> linked data (JSON-LD) --> next 

choose directory --> select unzipped file--> okay 

I see the folder names "parameters", "flow properties", "unit_groups", "categories", "flows" on the lefthand side box, but nothing shows up in the righthand box when i click or double click them, and I'm not able to select one and hit next. 

I also tried selecting just my "Downloads" folder when choosing the directory, then the unzipped database file folder shows up on the lefthand side box of the import window, but again, not able to select anything or get anything to show up in the righthand side box. 

I've waded through the other questions on here with related issues with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks! 

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With openLCA you import zip archives.  Don't unpack the downloaded file before attempting to import it.

If you want the entire USLCI, you can also navigate to "repository import" in the import dialogue box, and paste in this URL:


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Hi, wingertal.
I have struggled with the same problem before, and you may see this: https://ask.openlca.org/5305/how-do-i-import-openlca-methods-pack-v-2-1-3-json-ld-file
I find the answer here.