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Like many other users, I would like to use the NREL USLCI database in OpenLCA . However, I am aware that there is a basic compatibility issue with the OpenLCA impact methods. Specifically, the elementary flows used by USLCI are not listed in the impact methods which causes impact analyses to return no results.

I am thinking of instituting a quick fix by adding USLCI elementary flows to the impact methods (or maybe replacing the elementary flows in USLCI with those native to OpenLCA), but I am wondering if there are additional issues with the USLCI database that I am not aware of? Some forum entries have alluded to this, and I want to be sure I don't inadvertently introduce errors in my analysis.

Thank you!
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Hi, I am just following up with the question. Does the issue get resolved?

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This question is quite old, but for those using the USLCI now you can also choose from available Federal Elementary Flow List compliant LCIA methods from this website here:


These methods use the same elementary flows and are designed for interoperability with the USLCI and all other Federal Commons datasets.
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As byoung points out, If you use the latest version of USLCI from the Federal LCA Commons, you will also need methods adapted to the Federal Elementary Flow List (FEDEFL), to which the USLCI converted in 2019. The USLCI, FEDEFL and the FEDEFL-adapted methods are available on the Federal LCA Commons for download and import, e.g., into your openLCA desktop application (e.g., for methods, https://www.lcacommons.gov/lcia-methods-without-flows). Please see the USLCI GitHub Support Content (https://github.com/uslci-admin/uslci-content/wiki) and/or the NREL USLCI Quick Help YouTube video series (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmIn8Hncs7bFUOyXZNGXwG4LtdoTfLz6Q) for demos and caveats on USLCI Database versioning, using FEDEFL-adapted methods, and running calculations on USLCI in openLCA.