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I am trying to apply the CED method on the USLCI processes, particularly the CORRIM database. I always get 0 MJ results for all effects. Like a few questions seem to have pointed out before- the categories for all flows are resource-in ground, but they were from a previous version so I thought it might be worth asking again. Thanks.
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The CORRIM Database on the Commons has not yet been adapted to the FEDEFL. You will have to use an older CED method on the CORRIM database. Once the CORRIM database is adapted to FEDEFL, you should be able to use the FEDEFL-adapted methods: https://github.com/uslci-admin/uslci-content/wiki/FEDEFL-Adapted-LCI-&-LCIA-Methods. Email the USLCI Data Curator for details: rebe.feraldi@lac-group.com. There is an unofficial beta of the FEDEFL-adapted CORRIM but as other CORRIM updates are slated, they will all come out at once.