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I have been trying for the past few hours to try and get he USLCI database to load into the OpenLCA database. Once I download LSCI as a JSON-LD, it shows up as a zip file into my downloads folder but then when I'm in OpenLCA and try and import it into a new database, nothing shows up. I also tried downloading the Zipfile into the OpenLCA file folder, but the same thing happened. Can anyone help me???? I really need to figure this out ASAP. THANKS!
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Hi, I assume you are struggling with the import dialogue - you first need to select the folder (with the zip file), and after you have selected the folder, you will see the files in the folder, including then the one you want to import. We are aware that this is not exactly perfect.

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Andreas, I've done that. but when I'm in OpenLCA trying to import into the new database, when I try and find the zip folder, nothing shows up. It's almost like OpenLCA will NOT see the files. Any help with this would be great. Have you gotten this to work?