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Probably I am missing a silly thing. I have read the user manuals for both OpenLCA 1.9 and 1.10. Also, I have read the question answered here in "ask OpenLCA", regarding how to export data as a CSV-Matrix through the icon next to the export Excel icon.

But, in my OpenLCA 1.11 I cannot find that export data as a CSV-Matrix icon.

How can I export data as a CSV-Matrix on OpenLCA 1.11? Has it something to do with SimaPro CSV format? I cannot find it either on the right click export menu nor in the icons when I click calculate and then "export" icon, I cannot find the export data as a CSV-Matrix icon...

or if I could download an example of data as a CSV matrix?

Thanks a lot!
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You probably haven't checked enable matrix export in the experimental features section?

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Yes! It was that, thanks a lot! I will try the feature :).  Thanks