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I am working with the USLCI database, which I downloaded from lcacommons.gov as an archive of JSON-LD files. When I build a product system for any given product, it ends up requiring the use of refinery products like diesel, gasoline, bitumen, etc.

It turns out that USLCI has two different providers for all of these processes:

  • Crude oil, in refinery, whose date range is 1996-2002
  • Petroleum refining, in refinery, which dates from 2003
Neither of these processes is linked to by any foreground processes because it's USLCI. The problem is, the software seems to prefer "Crude oil, in refinery". Is it possible to tell the linker to ignore that provider? or do I need to delete it from the database in order to avoid having it linked?
Thanks in advance.
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If you are using v1.8, the experimental "Check multi-provider links" should help with this issue when you are creating your product system. You can choose the "Petroleum Refining" process and then select "Always use this provider for this flow".

Since this feature is still experimental, you may want to double check some of the linkages.
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