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I have completed the steps to import a JSON-LD database but the window showing that database import just disappeared after few seconds I hitting FINISH. After that, nothing in the database appeared. HELP!!

The steps I performed are:

download database as JSON-LD -->

in openLCA, right click--> new database--> local and complete reference data

double click said database to activate--> right click--> import--> other--> linked data (JSON-LD) --> next

choose directory --> select JSON zipped file--> FINISH
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Hi, has someone solved this issues ? I did the same steps to import a process from the US-LCI open database but once I click finish, the window loads and then I cannot find the process anywhere. Where can I find it ?

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Yes the procedure you describe seems correct - did you check whether the JSON archive contains something (that makes sense)? You can look into the archive, it is just zipped (but import it as zip archive, of course).
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Same happened to me. Is there any solution?