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I have some questions about ILCD recommended LCIA method.
ILCD Method include, in the Recommendations for Life Cycle Impact Assessment in the European context, some ReCiPe categories from the v1.05 (2008). However, ReCiPe method has been updated, until the last version v1.11 (2016). All methods appear in OpenLCA LCIA method package 1.5.6 too.

In ILCD LCIA method ReCiPe Midpoint v1.05 categories included are:
1)    Freshwater eutrophication
2)    Marine eutrophication
3)    Photochemical Ozone Formation.

The eutrophication categories are similar between versions, only some flows change. However, photochemical categories seems to have more changes (addition of impact factors).

On the other hand, in resources depletion endpoint categories, both ReCiPe versions appear (ReCiPe v1.11 and v1.05) in the ILCD method inside OpenLCA LCIA method package 1.5.6.

Can it be interesting update all ReCiPe categories in the ILCD method to v1.11? Or must be better wait until an expert evaluation and use v.1.05? Methodologies doesn´t seem to differ

Why in ILCD method  include both versions to resources depletion endpoint categories and not for the midpoint categories?

Will be better use v1.05 or v1.11 version (for these endpoint categories)?

Thank you very much!

Jorge Senan
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Dear Jorge,
thank you - well indeed, ReCiPe 2016 addresses more exhanges - we are currently working on including it in the method pack, and hope to have this done in February.

"Can it be interesting update all ReCiPe categories in the ILCD method to v1.11

I would say yes, but it is a bit of effort. If you want, you could contact us directly and we could test with you a preliminary version. Let me know.
Best wishes,

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Hi Jorge,
thank you VERY MUCH! I will send you the draft version over the weekend, via email.
This is great, thank you again.