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Dear all regards. I´ve been looking for previous post in the forum about differences between OpenLCA and Simapro. Therefore I assessed four datasets from ecoinvent 3.6 in both softwares using Recipe 2016 Midpoint (H) and results are shown in the attached file. Impact categories highlighted in green are the ones who has similar or equal results in both softwares. I would really appreciate your help to know why I have so big differences, specially in some impact categories as Land use.


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Dear user,

unfortunately, I cannot read the numbers in the table because they are quite small. Also, it is not clear which database was used exactly (cutoff, APOS, consequential) or to which method package the LCIA method belongs.

However, since this is basically the same question as you posted on January 18, we would kindly like to refer you to this post.

We would like to point out again that we cannot confirm that there are different results between Simapro and openLCA since this is is something we regularly check, with the excpetion of some categories e.g. water, where we include water from hydropower, and also GWP. We documented this in the LCIA method handbook

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Thnks for your answer, if helps I am attaching the table with the results. There are shown that the database used is APOS

Impact categories in Red are the ones that have same values between both softwares. Thanks

Impact Categoryhard coal, import from AU | hard coal | APOS, U CNchicken production | chicken for slaughtering, live weight | APOS, U Global
Fine particulate matter formation0.0006050.000550.006530.006470
Fossil resource scarcity0.6210.620760.2840.283507
Freshwater ecotoxicity0.09120.090570.06440.064138
Freshwater eutrophication3.26E-030.003266.77E-040.000677
Global warming0.2170.217372.212.209182
Human carcinogenic toxicity0.1810.177340.040.038687
Human non-carcinogenic toxicity3.642.687631.220.881029
Ionizing radiation0.002780.002780.06960.069564
Land use0.4880.0118283.21.812136
Marine ecotoxicity0.1260.124930.07370.072923
Marine eutrophication0.00020.000200.004520.004520
Mineral resource scarcity0.0004210.000420.007070.007069
Ozone formation, Human health0.002040.001660.005180.004857
Ozone formation, Terrestrial ecosystems0.002060.001690.005360.005034
Stratospheric ozone depletion2.38E-070.000002.69E-050.000027
Terrestrial acidification0.001880.001660.03680.036634
Terrestrial ecotoxicity0.2960.275224.684.122583
Water consumption0.0005940.000600.1690.169076
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Dear user,

there are no red values in the table, and it is unclear which method package you have been using and what the functional units are for both processes.