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Hello everyone,

I have installed newest 1.9 version of openLCA. I have noticed that comparing different amount of the same product (scaling the amount) on the project level, the report is giving me the same results (like for the same amount). I have tested this on both : self created processed/products and on ones avaialble in Ecoinvent database. The same issue appears on different PCs/laptops with openLCA 1.9 version. Kindly ask to assist in solution of this problem.
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Thank you for testing this! I summarized these comments in an answer below.

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This is a bug in openLCA 1.9: https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-app/issues/99

The amount value of a compared product system is not considered in the calculation but the amount as defined in the product system is used instead. This should be fixed now in the latest 1.10.1 build which is available on the openLCA website:

http://www.openlca.org/download/ > Latest build

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generally when you compare product systems on the project level and you change the amount, make sure to save the project before compiling the results. does that fix the problem?
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I have reinstalled olca to 1.8 version and the project works without problem.
However, how can I solve a bug in 1.9 .