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Hello dear community,

I am just getting started with openLCA and probably have a beginner's problem. I hope you can help me:

To get familiar with openLCA, I have started to work through the case study on "Comparison of PET and PC water bottle production" trying to follow pdf instructions.

I downloaded the datasets "ELCD database 3.2" and "openLCA LCIA methods v2.0.4" and imported one into the other in open LCA. I then created the flows and the processes according to the instructions.

The next step would have been to create a first product system with automatic linking. Unfortunately, nothing happens here. In the window on the right, where the links should appear, it remains white, at the bottom the tab "Model graph" is not displayed at all.

Sometimes the error message pops up: "An error has occurred. See error log for more details. Java.lang.NullPointerException".

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to download more data sets or what is my problem?

I really hope to find help here.

Many thanks in advance!
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Hi, late reply, the ELCD database is not suitable for automatic linking, it was created with the GaBi software which does not allow this, and contains many not fully terminated processes with have small inputs and outputs that then automatically connect to "something" when automatic linking is selected. You will need to create your product system manually with this database.

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