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Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you very much for this community where I can ask my questions. 

I am learning how to model a recycling process in openLCA. Therefore, I started with the PET bottle tutorial provided by openLCA which can be found here: https://nexus.openlca.org/casestudy/ELCD%20Case%20studies

What I have done: Created a database and imported ELCD database 3.2, also imported the openLCA LCIA methods v2.0.4 in the same folder.

I have openLCA version 1.10.3.

I had a problem when I tried to calculate the 'allocation comparison' between 'economic allocation' and 'none allocation' method. The project openLCA built was based on the Material Flow Logic. And the selected LCIA is IPCC 2013 GWP 100a.

According to the tutorial PDF on page 43-45, they should give me different values with these two allocation methods, however, in my case, it doesn't give me any result. 

But if I created a new project, using the Opposite Direction Approach, then openLCA does give me the result that matches with the tutorial PDF Figure 58. 

Do you have any idea why does this happen? Is it because the database I am using is ELCD? (but as I remember, it is Ecoinvent who does not support MFL, and the PDF is using ELCD but gets the result from the product system built by MFL method as well, so I cannot understand why I can't get an impact result from the product system built by MFL method but by ODA method.)

Thank you for reading this question, any feedback is highly appreciated!!

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