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I am learning openLCA these days and found one problem while studying the ceramic cup vs paper case.

With the database, I can get exactly the same figure as in fig. 8, but very different data as in fig. 9.


As the document shows, fig. 9 is the "influence of the different processes", but while calculating the systems, I do not have the value of transport processes straightforward because they are not directly connected to the "Ceramic mug use - by hand". My contribution tree looks like the following, which is different from fig. 9:


I thought that is because transportation is part of the production process so I broke it and added the numbers myself. The items with a red dot are considered "transport". The rest in ceramic mug production is considered "production".


However, my results still look very different from the document.

In my case, washing is 94.58%, production 4.49%, transportation 0.98%, waste treatment 0.01%, whereas in the document the washing is only about 85%,waste treatment about 8%.

The problem exists in all categories, not just in climate change.

Is there something wrong with the math I did or I did not understand the situation correctly?

I would appreciate any and all help!

Many thanks!

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Definitely. It is attached now. Many thanks.

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