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Dear Sir, 

While I was creating the product systems for my project, it happened to me that two product systems shared the same process but with different amount of output. 
For example: 
I have 2 product systems both contain "transport, freight, lorry >32 metric ton, EURO5"
and when I was creating the first product system, I changed the amount for the output with bold letters, like the picture below. 

My question is that, if I need to change the amount of the output to creat the next product system by using this same process, would the first product system be changed? or how can I use the same process separately for two product systems? 

Thanks in advance for the help 

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Hi, good question. The product systems do not copy the process data sets, but just contain a reference to the datasets, thus you can use the same dataset in different product systems but it is litterally the same dataset. If you change the dataset, it is changed in every product system. If you indeed need two versions of a dataset, then better

a) make a copy, and modify the copy and use this copy in the other product system, or

b) introduce a parameter in the process, and change the parameter. This works since the parameter can be changed in the product system

Hth, best wishes,